What is Notarize Genie?

Notarize Genie is a national Remote Online Notarization service provider making the notarization process easier for businesses and signatories. The signatory logs into their account and is matched with a notary public who can witness and notarize the signatories’ documents via audio-video communication. With access to notaries and live support, there has never been a Remote Online Notarization service like this.


  • Authentication and role-based authorization
  • Web application
  • Web site
  • Admin panel
  • Dolby.io integration
  • Scalable cloud hosting on AWS
  • Sentry integration for telemetry
  • Idology integration for ID verification
  • Stripe integration
  • and many more.


  • NestJS (nodeJS)
  • ReactJS
  • NextJS
  • AdminJS
  • Postgres
  • Python (AWS Lambda)


  • Delivered the whole set of functionalities in < 6 months
  • Fast and scalable application.
  • From concept to execution to earnings for clients in record time.